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BOOK REVIEW: Hidden Legacies: African Presence in European Antiques by Tanzy Ward

‘Hidden Legacies: African Presence in European Antiques’ is an enlightening title exploring the historical significance of African art and history, and wonderfully investigates how collectibles depicting African subjects are received. Ward’s insight and paired research illustrates how the world classical antiquities and European collectibles have overlooked specific collections and have not given a proper representation of all contributions of history.

Hidden Legacies brilliantly identifies and analyzes European antiques that feature African descendants. From different mediums such as paintings, some cameos and fine jewelry, photography, and sculptures are observed in each chapter, providing a range of insight on snubbed representation of African excellence. Reader can utilize this title as a reference and can explore historic importance and the philosophical cultural studies relating to European antiques.

My favorite portion of Hidden Legacies is how it addresses and provides a range of impressive collectibles that feature African subjects from various periods, including the Renaissance and Victorian Eras. This book will make you feel as if you have at first class ticket to a private gallery showing.

For any Art History buff, antique connoisseurs, or avid reader— this book is for you. I highly recommend you check out Hidden Legacies.

Don’t stop there! Ward is also the owner, specializing in the preservation of antique heirlooms at Zanathia Jewelry. A graduate of the Asheford Institute of Antiques, Tanzy earned her certification in antiques, collectibles, & appraising. She is a proud member of the Asheford Associate Membership Program & The American Society Of Jewelry Historians. Her fascination for antiques and history has helped her gain extensive insight and expertise on historical collectibles.


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