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BOOK REVIEW: The Bean Pie: A Remembering of our Family’s Faith, Fortitude, & Forgiveness

Check out "The Bean Pie: A Remembering of our Family’s Faith, Fortitude, & Forgiveness" by Tiffany Green-Abdullah.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed this title and the multi-generational stories of one family and how Abdullah’s Second Great Aunt Daisy— living in Alabama during the early 1900’s, created the original Bean Pie.

This book is PERFECT for any foodie, chef, food historian or avid reader. It packed with ancestral and family history, food origins of specific cultures and how one family shaped a beloved food item.

The Bean Pie is a food that’s become iconic among Black Muslims and is widely celebrated in the United States. Yet, this title provides a full examination of its history and origin.

The author reflects on the lives of her great aunt, grandmother, and mother before turning inward to share her triumphant story. Despite the years separating them, she finds striking similarities throughout their lives.

This title forces readers to confront their own ideas of gender, race, religion, mental illness, and the healing power of love, revealing how four generations of women turned their pain into power. Green-Abdullah beautifully shows how faith, fortitude and her love story has moved her family into the future.

Request this book at local or public library, or be sure to purchase this title at your local or independent bookstore. This is a must-have.


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