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BOOK REVIEW: Ninja Brownies by Arian T. Moore

Arian T. Moore is also the author of “Fairy Cornbread” and weaves nuggets of Black Excellence, History, and culture throughout each page.

My favorite part of this title is finding elements on each page that represent Atlanta, Black Greek life, and the closeness of the siblings.

“Ninja Brownies” is family adventure about unity, teamwork, and joy. Readers are brought into the world of three brothers, at the core of a family exploring their interests, history, and defining teamwork.

From an entertaining dad with lots of jokes to their mother that shows the family the magic of baking— and even bits of entrepreneurship can be found throughout this read.

This children’s title is a perfect glimpse of an African-American family, children sharing joy, culture, and love. I give this book a solid 5 out of 5.


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