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Tidal Wave by Kofi Antwi

Tidal Wave by Kofi Antwi is a stunning book of poetry.

This 18-page chapbook is a beautiful collection of poetry by Kofi Antwi. The craftsmanship of Antwi’s poetic expression is brilliant. The few abstract art and "definitions" in this title is also a fine touch.

Tidal Wave explores identity, personal experiences through a candid expression of vulnerability. The author’s definite language, rhythmic science, and writing is a wonderful addition to any reader’s home library.

Throughout the work, Antwi provides specific poems in the form of definitions— a collection of poems describing the author’s interpretations or, possible, usage of specific words. The visual imagery conjured by Antwi’s words is purely refreshing. The line structure and use of imagery simply compliments the author’s effortless tone.

My favorite poem in this collection is “Water: Moments Before the Baptism.” I enjoy Antwi’s use of cultural references, specific punctuation for exaggeration and emphasis, and his specific use of poetic form. Each stanza is a portion of a “Tidal Wave” of metaphors and beautifully crafted semantic lines of poetry.

I also enjoyed “All Hail the City of Doom.”But it’s hard to pick between poems and the author’s definitions of words— such a creative way to engage the mind and readers. This book is perfect for leisure reading, or any reader that enjoys poetry.

I give this title a 5 out of 5.

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