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BOOK REVIEW: A Little Girls Dream, I Can Do Anything by Madison L Cooks

A Little Girls Dream: I Can Do Anything by Madison L Cooks, illustrated by An Hryvtzova, is the story of a seven-year-old girl's first attempt at playing tennis and how determination can guide you closer to your goals.

After spending family time together, Madison, a compassionate 7 year old, is interested in tennis lessons. Her parents find her a wonderful coach, a former professional athlete, and the little girl sees it as a challenging opportunity to develop her physical and mental agility.

From her first day on a tennis court, playing with older children to making new friends, her determination to never give up— on herself and passions is bound to inspire any reader, as this book is surely a must-have.

One of my favorite portions of this title is how the little girl’s family, tennis friends and coach surround her with uplifting energy and positive affirmations to support her through her first challenges in Tennis.

This title is a perfect book for any little scholar between the ages 3 to 10 and as a read aloud.

A Little Girls Dream is a brilliantly illustrated title that also provides wonderful examples of family love and unity, and resilience. For this reason, this delightful book gets at the essence of how to teach children to have self-compassion and to cope with their tough emotions whenever they fail at doing something they love.

The author is bright 7 year-old girl that loves tennis and sharing her interests. When Madison is not spending time with her family or little brother, she is on the tennis court with her Coach J.

I give this beautiful title a solid 5 out of 5.


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