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BOOK REVIEW: Roaring Like a Lion by Laura Hoyos

Roaring Like a Lion by Laura Hoyos is a great motivational title to help build character and confidence with, and will surely empower and entertain, your little scholar.

Roaring Like a Lion is an inspiring educational book for children of all ages. This fictional title follows Tit Tiger, a baby lion in his journey of learning how to roar like a lion. Throughout the book, follow the family and the Titi Tiger on their adventure throughout the wild and life. Gain tools and learn how to navigate specific or difficult situations with this title. But the brilliance of Titi Tiger is that the main character is inspired to represent the author, Laura Hoyos. The author’s life goal and message is to “Add to the room, spread kindness, love Jesus, and love people” is felt throughout the colorful pages of Tit Tiger’s adventure and life lessons. Roaring Like a Lion is a beautiful motivational children’s book, that provides examples of how to build confidence in themselves.

This book is perfect for readers just beginning to read by themselves, for any elementary school or your child’s home library. My favorite portion of this book is the Call to Action at the end of this title—filled with affirmations, activity examples, and much more.

Add this title to your home or academic library and continue reading. Look out for more title of Titi Tiger by Hoyos. I have this book a 4.5 out of 5.


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