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The Black Traveler's Guide, to Incheon, South Korea Book Review

Your Favorite Librarian recently read "The Black Traveler's Guide, to Incheon, South Korea" by The Blerd Traveler. This title was extremely hard to put down.

This book is a great reference for any traveler seeking insight for a new adventure. Two years ago, I toured South Korea, by herself, and wholeheartedly miss that part of the world.

The Author's recent work is insightful and pictorial work illustrates a wonderful journey in S. Korea. What I enjoyed the most about this book was his guidance on what to consider before you travel, what to possibly expect while traveling aboard, and other overlooked areas of traveling alone.

Your Favorite Librarian does a lot of solo traveling and touring South Korea alone was a great experience; however, this book would have surely helped me in my own travels.

The Author explores the intersections black travelers face while exploring cultures in a different country. His suggestions about how to handle racial tension and how to keep an open mind, is so refreshing!

Be sure to grab a copy of this great book, or explore different countries you may explore, after the pandemic.

The Black Traveler’s Guide to Incheon, South Korea ebook is available on Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books.


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