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Homecoming by La-Donia Alford-Jefferies

There are few children’s and YA titles that celebrate and explore the HBCU Experience, or brilliantly introduces the idea of higher education to little readers. As a HBCU graduate and librarian, I wholeheartedly adore Homecoming by La-Donia Alford-Jefferies.

This book made me feel seen and heard— each detail of the family’s travels, HBCU experience, and fun is beautifully woven together and will expand any reader’s horizon, love to reading, and interest of higher education. This title also delightfully includes a great detail of Black History, capturing any reader's eyes and heart.

Reading can take you anywhere! This book literally proves this. Each page takes your through essential areas of an HBCU experience and the campus of a colorful campus— the delicious tailgate, the well-awaited HBCU Homecoming football game, reconnecting with loved ones with friends, Greek plots and organizations and much more.

With this great title, explore the beauty of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Story time is a great opportunity to introduce the idea of higher education, HBCUs, and the importance of community.

There is book out there for you— continue reading! I give this book a 5 out of 5.

P.S: The author is a North Carolina A&T grad and the illustrator is a Savannah State graduate.

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