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BOOK REVIEW: The Reign: Africa

As a librarian and avid reader, I am wholeheartedly impressed by The Reign: Africa by C.Nichole!

From the details of each illustrated African tribe and community, the striking history about each African region and country is simply extraordinary. Nichole’s research and shared travels throughout Africa provides an educational outline and understanding about African’s wealth of culture and history. It is easy to misconstrue the image of Africa— what is ordinarily shown on television or perpetuated stereotypes of African people can be misleading. Yet, each page of this book is dedicated to a specific African history and illustrates the community, excellence and beauty of Mama Africa. If you finish this book in one seating or if you utilize this book as a reference, you will not be disappointed. Each time I open this book, I discover something different or new. Reading can take you anywhere and this book proves that. This wonderful Children’s book includes colorful flags, traditional garment and attires of specific tribes and cultures, and it also explores the similarities of each African country and tribe. This book sincerely guides readers throughout Mama Africa, and her beautiful history.

This book supersedes a traditional children’s book, It’s perfect for any reader. This book is a must-have! I plan to utilize this title for my next story time and as a guide, when providing instruction or simply introducing specific African cultures. I give this book a 5 out of 5— GO. GET. THIS BOOK!


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