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BOOK REVIEW: The Queens’ English by Chloe O. Davis

The Queens’ English by Chloe O. Davis is THE official LGBTQIA+ Dictionary and is A MUST-HAVE!

GO. GET. THIS, BOOK— trust me! GO. GET. THIS. BOOK! This title is an illustrated glossary of over 800 terms, with real-life examples and history of ALL LGBTQIA+ history, identities and culture. This dictionary solely explores LGBTQIA+ communities and exploring key moments in intersectional queer history, various queer spectrums, and is packed with history!

From Agender, Lesbian, Gay, Non-binary, Questioning, Two-spirit, Bi-sexual, Butch, Polylove, Gender non-conforming and Trans-identifying narratives to the immeasurable illustrated lingo and colloquial terms— this book honestly doesn’t miss or exclude any communities under the rainbow. My favorite portion of this book is the “usage notes.” These are insightful blurbs to provide the origin of terms and how to appropriately use specific terms. This book is perfect for any reader looking to become a better ally, refine their support or gain a better understanding of the queer community— this book is for you. I definitely suggest this title as a must-have for your home library.

The author is also a Hampton University grad and a Black Queer Woman doing the damn thing! Add this title to your PTA To-Read-List, gift this title to your loved one, suggest this title at your public, local or academic library. Whatever you do— Go. Get. This. Book.


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