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BOOK REVIEW: The Night I Lost My Father's Gun

The Night I Lost My Father’s Gun by Azmi Abusam is a must-have, in time for Black History Month. This great mystery follows Elon X, a courageous teenager on a thrilling journey.

Centered in Washington D.C., Elon X is caught in the shadows of his sister as he pursues his basketball dreams. From his complicated family life, journey with Elon as he obtaining balance dealing with his absent father and the depths of his mother’s alcoholism. Dreams of professional basketball help Elon throughout the book but those dreams end when he’s expelled. Before his mother’s threat of “military school” and being banished to the Rockies, Elon fight for a getaway turns this journey into an adventure— a break from reality, even if it is just for a night.

His mom’s Impala isn’t the only thing Elon steals. He heads to a secluded Maryland mansion with his best friends and his father’s .38. When the gun goes missing, he knows he’s in trouble. And when that gun is used in a double murder, he’ll know what it’s like to be truly trapped. Don’t let Your Favorite Librarian spoil this great book. Check out it for yourself— grab this title and continue to read. I give this book a 5 out of 5.


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