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BOOK REVIEW: The Brilliance of the Color Black Through the Eyes of Art Collectors by Charles Moore

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... and the color black is one of the most beautiful colors.”

Charles Moore takes you on a discerning journey through the art world, its essential contributors. The brilliant guide surveys how black artists contribute to culture, have revolutionized contemporary art, and also examines the dedication behind the lives of collectors, curators, and art historians.

This title contains insightful interviews from Black and brown professionals, includes brilliant exhibitions representing artists of color, and intimate dialogues sharing experiences. Moore truly captures the essence of exceptional Black artists, and their quests for recognition.

Explore the balance, and relationship, between art historians, collectors and talent artists— from a quest to reshape art, transcending creative borders ,changing the social ecosystem through art, why art appraisal is essential and art as wealth creation.. this title has everything. This title is truly a perfect reference guide for any art connoisseur, or collector— each page is adorned with excellent Black art history.

Readers will gain immeasurable comprehension about how to wholeheartedly support all contributors of Black art, and art history— as well as on the intricate and fascinating business of art ownership, from managing your assets to supporting the growth of Black art through sponsorship and involvement.

I give this book a 5 out of 5.

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