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BOOK REVIEW: The Adventures of Joshua and Pip by John Light Jr and Jamie R Gandy

The Adventures of Joshua and Pip is an electrifying tale of two boys and the magic of imagination. Reading can take you anywhere and this children’s title surely proves it!

On a bright day, Joshua decides to fly his cardboard box down Oak Tree Hill despite all his unsuccessful attempts. Joshua experiences many emotions and challenges until things take a thrilling turn— when a new kid shows up, adding much joy and curiosity.

Join Joshua and Pip on their cardboard box adventures! Explore black boy joy, excellence and the power of determination. Throughout this heart-warming story, you’ll be taken on a flight of joy and wonder.

Utilize this great children’s title to beautifully jump start or continue the conversation about friendship, and navigating emotions. The Adventures of Joshua and Pip is great for children’s title to add to any reader’s home or school library.

I give this book a 5 out of 5.


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