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BOOK REVIEW: Pearl and her Gee's Bend Quilt by Tangular Irby

As a librarian, this book wowed me. I'm so thankful I grabbed a copy and can share with this beautifully written book with little scholars. Pearl and her Gee's Bend Quilt by Tangular Irby and India Sheana is perfect in time for Black History month.

Grab this great children’s title and add color to your next story time. Pearl and her Gee’s Bend Quilt is a journey through art and adventure, stitched together through the eyes of young Pearl, who dreams of creating a quilt of her own one day.

Pearl’s playdate with her friends Sallie and Ella, turns into a imaginative adventure. They have no idea they’re about to travel back in time to Gee’s Bend, Alabama to discover the origin of the beautiful quilts in Grandma’s house.

The girls learn Grandma’s quilts are more than pretty pieces of fabric stitched together to keep them warm— the quilts illustrate the history behind the family treasures. Reading can take you anywhere and this great title surely proves that. Travel through time and join Pearl and her friends’ exploration of Black History.

I get this book a 5 out of 5.


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