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BOOK REVIEW: Pain , Passion, Purpose by Brad Butler II

Pain , Passion, Purpose is a motivating story of Brad Butler II and his experiences growing up in Jersey City, New Jersey. From drug dealing and use, poverty and violence to moving into the suburbs of East Windsor— Butler illustrates an immeasurable strength that will carry any reader through this brilliant title. After moving to central Jersey, Brad continued to face different forms of adversity with special Ed classes, self esteem and more; yet, it is Butler’s promise to himself and his family that their sacrifices would not go in vain that contribute to the title’s beautiful tone and illustrations of Butler’s growth. His resilience and perseverance conveys one of the essential messages of the title, and will motivate any reader.

Butler’s Pain fueled his passion that lead up to him becoming an author, motivational speaker, athlete and ultimately living in his Purpose. One of my favorite portions of the title is when Butler asked his father to play football, with his cousin. Their family dynamic and the how the family support each other is simply beautiful.

The story of a young man who is faced with life— yet meets it with an open heart and mind, and with positivity. I give this title a 4 out of a 5.


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