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BOOK REVIEW: My Mothers Wildest Dream by John Light Jr.

My Mothers Wildest Dreams by John Light Jr. is a must-have book. In celebration of Black History month, this great children’s title is perfect to explore the importance of family, the wealth of love and unity.

From Light’s shared memories and family stories of Old Dominion to the illustrated memories with each family member. The love of this beautiful family is felt with every page. My favorite portion of the book is how beautifully the illustrations are paired with childhood memories, and the how each family member is celebrated. Each person a part of his family is truly a pillar in their community. and completes their family dynamic. From the colorful floral imagery throughout the book, various images of family life and the the importance of family unity— this title will surely add color to your next story time.

But don’t stop with the great title, check out other work from this author. Be sure to check out The Adventures of Joshua and Pip series by John Light Jr. There is something out there for you. Continue reading.

I give this book a 5 out of 5.


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