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BOOK REVIEW: Me Phi Me: A Divine Children's Book

RUN and go get this book!

Me Phi Me by Adrienne Drummond is a brilliant cross-generational “Divine Nine” Children’s book— packed with Black History, vocabulary words exploring fraternities and sororities, creative details illustrating specific organizational history, and a range of Black Excellence.

This charmingly illustrated title pairs each Black Greek-letter organization with a specific character, highlighting each organization’s colors and how to identify each organization. This book is a wonderful resource to help introduce the concept of individuality, higher education, and service.

From the Greek alphabet, to exploring identity and the significance of unity—add excitement to, or spark curiosity with Me Phi Me. You literally will not want to put this book down.

The artistic details of each page truly capture the essence and brilliance of each individual Divine Nine organization. This book is truly a gem— gift this title to your little scholar or as a perfect gift, for your favorite D9 member.

I give the book a solid 5 out of 5.


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