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BOOK REVIEW: Magnificent Mocha Monty by Holland Jordan

Magnificent Mocha Monty by Holland Jordan is a colorful children’s book about self-esteem, exploring differences, and building confidence!

Firstly, this title is perfect for any readers between ages 4-10; yet, this book is a wonderful title to read aloud to Pre-K and younger ages.

Throughout the book, explore vocabulary that will help build self-esteem and celebrates individuality.

Is there anything more magnificent than mocha colored skin? Not according to Magnificent Mocha Monty.

Join Monty as he explores the beauty and brilliance of his uniqueness, and how magnificent he is. This book will inspire any child to love the skin they're in, build self-esteem, especially "skin-esteem" and encourage self-acceptance.

My favorite portion of the book is how Monty illustrates different parts of the body, briefly explores soft and motor skills, and explores how Monty’s uniqueness makes him so magnificent.

Explore how differences contribute to uniqueness and individuality with Monty. Being different is what makes children so magnificent and amazing!

I give this title a 5 out of 5.

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