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BOOK REVIEW: Love and Other Criminal Behavior

I recently read Love and Other Criminal Behavior by Nikki Dolson and surely enjoyed this thrilling title. These short stories were so refreshing.. exploring each individual's struggle, life, love life and story.

This wonderfully woven collection of crime fiction short stories includes betrayal, complicated relationships, lost loves, regrets, fake and loss of friendships and follows colorful characters that any reader can relate to.

My favorite short story in this book is “Our Man Julian” about a washed-up, has-been actor seeking redemption and to ultimately atone for his absence in his neglected daughters’ lives.

Love and Other Criminal Behavior is a great representation of black love, struggle and everyday life. Each short is packed with suspense you ordinarily would feel with Science Fiction, includes AAVE and authentic representations of Black dialogue, and is also available on any platform. The fact that this book is available on all platform makes this a great stocking stuff gift item, for your favorite reader.

Be sure to grab a copy of this great collection of short crim fiction stories. And remember, there is a book for you— continue to read.


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