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BOOK REVIEW: Fin: A Story of Love and Hope by Gamal C Williams

Williams’s debut novel, Fin: A Story of Love and Hope, is a groundbreaking and contemporary novel about three young boys who develop a friendship that supersedes their differences, and circumstances.

14-year old Fin and his friends, Stacks and Justin, navigate the beginning of their maturity and some breaks in their bond. This title is a glimpse of how a young man’s journey to manhood can include many peaks and valleys.

This novel is a beautifully illustrated tale of how of loyalty, family, love and friendships are tested at any stage of life. As the trio learn grow together, and at times a part— one young man makes specific decisions that negatively follow him and shape his later options to properly navigate and elevate out difficult situations.

My absolute favorite portion of this novel can be found on the last two pages— something I wish more authors and writers did. Williams provides a playlist of music that inspired specific sections of the novel. These music selections will support the emotions and compliment the marvelous tone of the Brooklyn native’s debut novel.

Big Fin is one of my favorite characters and I simply love how self-aware he is and always dropping nuggets of wisdom— even when Fin doesn’t listen. My favorite scene in the novel is in the apartment where Big Fin and Rose reconnect with the young men and support their son after a trauma and violent exchange— it’s the way Big Fin covers and continuously works to support Fin that captured my heart.

This novel is a bit long but needed to explore Fin, Stacks and Justin’s arc and how each individually navigate their teen years. This novel’s dialogue truly moves you along and you literally will NOT be able to put the novel down.

I give this novel a solid 5 out of 5.


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