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BOOK REVIEW: Fairy Cornbread by Arian T. Moore

“Follow the magic. Follow the pink.”

Fairy Cornbread by Arian T. Moore is a charming title for your next story time. Fairy Cornbread follows 6-year-old Zoe, and her beautiful family. Zoe is excited for her birthday party and also wants pink cupcakes with glittery gold sprinkles. But when Zoe eats cornbread at Nana's house, something magically happens— she turns into a fairy. This picture book is packed with elements any reader would appreciate! I loved reading this title because of all the wonderful representations of the Black community and culture, H.B.C.U references, and much more.

The books message of family, love, friendship and a sprinkle of magic is truly an adventure you don’t want to miss. Truly explore culture and Black Excellence with Fairy Cornbread! I give this book 5 out of 5.

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