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BOOK REVIEW: Caleb Has Something to Say by Chanita Stone

Caleb Has Something to Say by Chanita Stone

This children’s title is must-have for your little scholar’s home library. This story is about a little boy that does use words to speak; Caleb communicates his feelings with mostly body language and facial expressions. This title is perfect for exploring and promoting inclusivity. Specifically, Stone’s love letter to her son provides a loving representation for children who have special needs.

Throughout the book, share the love between Caleb and his family as they invite you into their home. Caleb surely has plenty to say and this title is wonderful to share the different and subtle ways other communicate and express themselves.

From Caleb’s friends and family, they all have to learn to watch and pay close attention to understand what he wants to say to them. This book also provides insight on how to actively listen and better support others, lead with love, and this title surely captures the essence of unconditional love.

I give this book a solid 5 out 5— Go. Get. This. Book.


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