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BOOK REVIEW: A Monster or a Microwave: Come and play with Zuwena! (Zuwena and Friends)by Tephra Mir

“Play and imagination promotion innovation and have the power to lift us up from where we are.”

This colorful title is a must-have for any little mind utilizing their imagination to explore the world around them. An out of a vibrant world full of whimsical and colorful characters and a rhyming tale, discover the wonder’s of Zuwena’s lively world. that encourages a big silliness, imagination, friendship, being just who you are and all things FUN! Grab a copy of A Monster or a Microwave and join Zuwena as she faces her greatest enemy with the help of her friends.

Throughout her adventure, Zuwena meets a list of thrilling characters— Ms. Fridge, a teddy named Snuggle, travel through the Bath Time Land and Laundry Town, and a big cave where dust bunnies hid. This title is perfect for any guardian or educator introducing daily or cleaning responsibilities, a routine for starting or ending your day, or simply wants to encourage your little scholar’s imagination. My favorite portion of this title is when Zuwena met Mr. Bubble! The art work, their bond and the beauty of the imagination truly contribute to this magical tale of friendship, excitement and wonder.

Don’t stop there--- the author, Tephra Miriam, is an avid thought leader, author, graphic artist, photographer, musician, activist and entrepreneur with a passion for change. If you enjoyed this adventure with Zuwema, check out Zuwena: The Animated Series! I give this book a 5 out of 5.


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