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BOOK REVIEW: Mommy Loves My Little Toes by Sakesha Yolonda Caston and illustrated Hayley Moran

Mommy Loves My Little Toes by Sakesha Yolonda Caston and illustrated Hayley Moran

After your little one finishes a bath, grab this thrilling title— Mommy Loves My Little Toes and create extraordinary memories!

This encouraging board book will surely capture your heart and guide your little scholar, as they explore their independence. Optometric physician, Dr. Sakesha Yolonda Caston, invites you along on her journey and a day in the life with her son. Dr. Caston's son, Jesiah, is the inspiration behind this wonderful children’s book.

Follow the joys of motherhood with your little reader as this mother and son pair complete bath time, put on socks and shoes, reading his favorite book, and simply share rewarding memories. The North Carolina native cites her own mother, who helped her navigate those early and some difficult, days of new motherhood. It was her advice at one of Jesiah’s first bath times—”Make sure you wash in between his toes”—that led to the title of this special book. This book is perfect for children from birth to age 5. Board books are safer than their counterparts and this children’s title will sure grow with your reader. Also, this board book provides valuable illustrations of bonding and motherly love.

This brightly crafted children’s book is perfect for any family building their home or baby’s library. Specifically, this great title provides a list of sight words, insight on how to start any little reader’s day, sparks your child’s independence, and is a great representation of familial love. The love between Dr. Sakesha and her son, Jesiah, is simply magnificent. For more insight on this book, check out

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