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BOOK REVIEW: Reflections of an Empress: A Book of Life Poetry

Reflections of an Empress: A Book of Life Poetry is perfect for any avid reader of poetry, or casual reading. The Atlanta-based author stunningly pairs her personal stories, vulnerability, and her breathtaking insight about womanhood, struggles and the beauty of life.

Throughout the title, poems are paired with a note section for reader to include what resonates with them. I wholeheartedly love that touch and addition to the book. Ultimately, Reflections of an Empress is a great book for any reader looking to explore life transparency, adulting and simply how to navigate specific, raw emotions.

This beautifully written collection of poetry is packed with uncensored truth and some ancestral history that I am blown away with, and much more. Two of my favorite poems of this title are: “Sorrow” and “Bitch.” I give this book a 4.5 out of 5.

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