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Book Review: Rise by Shana Danielle

Rise: A Collection of Inspirational Poetry, Prose and Affirmations by Shana Danielle is an outstanding read.

I was impressed with the self-help tools, affirmations and insightful guidance from this wonderful book. Danielle’s work provides brilliant knowledge about self-help, self-care and refining your confidence.

Throughout the work, you will gain a greater awareness of mental fortitude and clarity, and simply how to build courage. Utilize the inspiration quotes to ease daily stress or anxiety. You can surely use this book as a resource, guidebook or a part of your daily devotion.

Danielle’s work is full of guidance, effective encouragement and wisdom to motivate any reader. I have the Kindle edition of this book—so, I can take it anywhere. I give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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