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Speaking Into Your Existence by Cheryl Tatum is a book you definitely want to check out.

Your Favorite Librarian enjoys exploring intuitive titles about understanding the spiritual realm, becoming Christ conscious, the power of the conscious and subconscious mind, and manifestation. This 45-page resource provides mantras, prayers, biblical text, and insight from Tatum’s church upbringing and how experience shape of individual connections with spirituality. The way she pairs specific biblical text and personal moments to illustrate personal growth and evolutions, is simply uplifting.

The book’s guidance on how to properly show gratitude truly revives the spirit. Chapter 9: Obtaining the Thought: Desires of Your Heart is my favorite chapter of the entire text. Tatum’s suggestions on how to properly exercise faith when manifesting your intentions and what is in your heart comes just in time during a wave of new change and hope.

But don’t stop there, check out the title for yourself.


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