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Book Box Subscription Review

Your Favorite Librarian has been waiting to share her Speak Up Book Club box subscription!

This great book box subscription is a great opportunity to create a safe space for dialogue and expression, explore your scholar’s interests and history around the world, and is, also, a wonderful way to explore new Children’s Literature. With Speak Up Book Club, each month you’ll receive an engaging book your child will love, paired with new resources, actions plans, activities and crafts that help parents and educators facilitate discussions, of these difficult topics. Each subscription = 1 book donation. Speak Up Book Club aims to create in home libraries where each child can see themselves being celebrated in the books they read. This book subscription is perfect for any readers conducting home and virtual learning, or for any reader looking to add color to their story time.

The paired educational and crafting activities is a perfect is every way— vocabulary words based on your book, book insight and conversation starters. Your Favorite Librarian completed her first box’s activity and fell in love with Speak Up Book Club. For more information on Speak Up Book Box Subscriptions, check out or Speak Up Book Club— Your Favorite Librarian sent

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