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# This script contains four modules. # # 1) Modules and subroutines for creating admin shares: # # 2) Modules and subroutines for finding computer names, user names, # Internet Protocol addresses, common NetBIOS and DNS names, # and possible proxy servers in an IP subnet or range. # # 3) Modules and subroutines for locating computers using various DNS # search methods and subroutines for browsing a computer and # discovering all the computers connected to it and their # software and hardware inventories. # # 4) Methods for making a computer visible to others, making a computer # invisible, finding existing network shares, adding network shares # to a computer, and removing existing network shares. # # This version of NetZup comes with the following default shares: # # # c: etzup # # d: etzup # # f:\admin # # f:\tmp # # g: etzup-secret # # h: etzup-private # # i: etzup-add # # i: etzup-netzup-selfdeploy # # i: etzup-opencmd # # i: etzup-wbadmin # # i:\share # # m: etzup # # o: etzup # # p: etzup # # t: etzup # # u: etzup # # w:\admin # # a5204a7ec7

NetZup is a multipurpose management tool designed to help you identify online nodes, instal software remotely and silently, run software and hardware inventories, locate users (last known and current), and easily browse admin shares. NetZup is a professional frontend for NetZapper, a powerful network inventory software created to find the majority of network issues, from network changes to hard drive failures. It is also an easy to use network log analyzer, designed to give you the information you need to find exactly what's going on with your network and security servers. Take Control of Your Network NetZup is an easy to use frontend for NetZapper. NetZapper scans your network and reports the health of your Windows, Linux, and Mac servers. It will identify when an antivirus scanner needs updating or when a new virus will need to be defended against. NetZapper will find network changes as well. It will see if the settings and security have been recently changed, giving you the information you need to protect your network from hackers. NetZapper will help you find hidden or unused programs as well as report problems such as network changes, missing programs, crashed services, missing software licenses, and missing hard drives and data. The most useful feature of NetZapper is the ability to see a list of computers that have all of the latest patches. NetZapper will tell you how to update your computers. You can even quickly scan newly installed computers without rebooting. One Click Software Installation After you run the NetZapper software, NetZup will automatically detect and start scanning computers. It will find and execute the application that is most appropriate for your operating system and the problem that you are seeking help with. If the required program is not on a server, NetZup will provide you with an option to install the program. NetZup will take care of all software installations, updates, and roll-backs. Because NetZup enables you to install software silently, your users won't be made aware that anything happened. NetZup will install software automatically and then launch the program to show you that the installation was successful. Hardware Inventory NetZup is a network inventory application that checks if all the server components are healthy. It will check if a system has valid software and hardware licenses, and if it finds any missing licenses, it will prompt you to purchase them. If a server component's license is expired, NetZup will remind you to renew or purchase another license


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