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BOOK REVIEW: The Amazing Zoe: A Queen Like Me!

The Amazing Zoe: A Queen Like Me! By Valene Campbell is a wonderful Black Children’s Book!

This title provides a great opportunity to explore cultural representation(s), African History and the importance of independence. I love how Zoe’s parents discuss discrimination with her and how to properly combat prejudice.

Her father provides her ancestral history, encouraging the Amazing Zoe to represent her heritage through her name and style--- as her own kind of princess. The history of African and Black female leaders and catalysts of change is impressive. This book is great to introduce topics of racial discrimination, representation, diversity and inclusion, the Black Experience and combating racial prejudices.

Campbell is a Canadian born, from the Greater Toronto Area with deep Caribbean roots hailing from Jamaica. Discover the beautifully written tales of the Amazing Zoe and, also, explore cultural narratives and communities.

I truly enjoyed reading this book and have it on my Kindle. So, I can take them whenever I want. I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5. Check out more titles by Valene Campbell at Amazon or her Official Website.


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