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BOOK REVIEW: Hurricanes by Rick Ross

Hurricanes by Rick Ross is a definitely a must-read!

This 2019 illustrated memoir chronicles the Carol City native’s dubious background, passion for music and ultimately his journey of growth. Follow the Hood Billionaire’s historical time of his musical artistry, fatherhood and entrepreneurial empire. From his football memories at the Albany State University to his notorious feuds with other rap and hip-hop artists, this book is packed with insight. In this memoir, he addresses lyric controversy and rape culture, his run-ins with the law, and the importance of entrepreneurship and wealth-building in the Black community. The founder of MMG shares his journey of growth and how his entrepreneurial passions are “Deeper than Rap.” The rapper discusses how his Billboard-charting albums and notable features sparked an empire greater than the Carol City native ever imagined. From collaborations with Miami’s finest to owning multiple Wingstop locations— the Hood Billionaire is truly motivating.

He also discusses some of his childhood traumas and how to properly prioritize your mental health. This memoir will surely impress you with his insight about what change can look like, and how engaging your community can shape your life and the way you give back.

But the memoir does not stop there— the record executive discusses his questionable beginnings as a correctional officer, his stage name inspired by “Freeway” Rick Ross and how his 2006 debut album Port of Miami set the tone for his musical legacy. Browse your local library or favorite independent bookstore and check out this book!


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