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BOOK REVIEW: Ace Boon Coon

This is the second novel from Danny Gardner and I enjoyed his historical mystery novel. If you are a Chicago-native or lover of Chicago history— you will surely enjoy each page of this book.

If you enjoy crime fiction, detective dramas or even mystery— this title is for you. Each twist and turn takes you on a quest exploring racial tension, social injustices and economic disparity in Chicago, during the 1950’s. The novel follows Illinois’s private detective Elliot Caprice, former Chicago cop and WWII Veteran. The fair-skinned Black man utilizes racial passing to navigate a world filled with racial segregation and discrimination.

His return to his Southville hometown marks a voyage of adventure and an enigma of mystery.

This novel explores issues of colorism within the Black community, Black and Jewish neighborhood tension, social organization in pursuit of equality and student activism along the campus of the University of Illinois.

Explore this work of historical fiction and the beautiful way Gardner weaves the significant contribution of historical Black history and imagination. I am becoming a love of Bronzeville Books.

I highly recommend this novel.

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